GTS One ESS Mobile App release !!!

GTS One ESS Mobile App release

GTS One ESS Mobile App release !!!

23:18 28 October in News

GTS One HRMS is ready to start sending out the latest version of its ESS mobile system to its clients.

This employee self service app (android and IOS) does the good job of helping users navigate a world in which we frequently switch from one device to another, from a Windows PC top a smart phone or tablet along the way.

Here, all the employee needs to have is a smart phone and all their requests (Salary Advance, expense claim, leave etc) will be taken care whether on road, onsite or in office. Hence easier access across the geographical boundaries is made and the key administrative processes for managers and HRs are accelerated.

Multilevel Approval by line managers is an added advantage. The initiates are made directly to their HRs or their respective approval managers. Email alerts will be received during request, approvals and rejects. Managers can also approve or reject the requests via the ESS portal.