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Business Management Software, ERP For Small Business

GTS One ERP is a Business Management Software for Small and Medium Enterprises in Amman, Jordan. The solution is seamlessly integrated with various business process modules like Financial Accounting System, Fixed Asset Management System, Procurement, Inventory Management, HR & Payroll Management, etc.

Project Costing

GTS One provides a scalar, flexible easy to implement project costing software for project management system for Amman, Egypt, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Mauritius and Saudi Arabia. The Project Costing module provides a powerful tool for budgeting, forecasting, collecting and reporting on the expenditure and revenue associated with specific projects or jobs.

The project management software is fully integrated with the finance and distribution modules where the centralized purchase is done from inventory and order processing module and the project wise purchase can be made from project costing module.

Small Business Software in Amman, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Jordan, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait


  • Set up jobs to reflect the structure of your business.
  • Keep records of budgets and forecasts for each job.
  • Allow long–term jobs to run for more than one year.
  • Assign related jobs to the same contract.

ERP Software in Middle East

Expense and Revenue

  • Define your own expense and revenue types.
  • Itemwise budget and forecast by expense and revenue type; for example labour, materials, subcontracted work and customer payments.
  • Subdivide each type of expense or revenue for more detailed analysis.
  • Build in a percentage overhead for each type of expense or revenue.
  • Set up multiple pay rates to be used to cost time posted to a job.


  • Keep a full transaction history for selected jobs, including transactions from previous years.
  • Keep summary information for each accounting period.
  • In a finance environment record purchases, sales, timesheets and payroll items for each job.
  • In a distribution environment record purchase order, sales order and stock issue transactions for each job.
  • In a manufacturing environment record operation cost and stock usage cost for each job.

Track costs

  • Automatically record expenses and revenue for each job.
  • Hold separate figures for each type of expense and revenue associated with a particular job, allowing you to analyse the constituents of every job.
  • Post additional manual items and adjustments.
  • Monitor the relationship between budgeted or forecast figures and the actual expenditure and revenue, to maintain strict financial control over each job.

Standard Reports

  • Transaction Audit Trails.
  • Period Transactions.
  • Job Summary Analysis.
  • Expense/Revenue Analysis.
  • Job Master Files
  • Cumulative Transactions
  • Expense/Revenue Variances
  • Job Variances
  • Jobs Exceeding Time–Scale