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GTS One ERP is a Total Integrated Enterprise Resource Planning software Solution that facilitates organizational Process related to Production, Sales and Distribution , Retailing and service & repair oriented business. GTS One ERP is the Leading ERP software companies, ERP vendors in Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait providing ERP software solutions, web based ERP solutions, ERP implementation in Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait can ensure success. GTS One ERP is a robust, scalable and a flexible solution, designed to resolve organizational challenges. It is a complete system to take care of all information management needs across different business functions. Integrated architecture reduces information silos and facilitates accurate information recording and processing to cater unique/dynamic needs of business functions like manufacturing, retail, supply chain, etc.

Benefit Management

GTS One HRMS enables you to administer benefit plans and better achieves your plan participation goals. With GTS One, you have instant access to accurate enrolment information. Self Service features save you time and empower employees to always see what coverage they have elected and read the plan description on line.

Main Features

  • Unlimited number of benefit plans.
  • Unlimited Salary components.
  • Unlimited Pay Category Rules.
  • Temporary Benefits and Deductions.
  • Air Ticket Benefits and automatic process.
  • Leave Salary and automatic process.
  • Eligibility Rules.