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GTS One ERP has Payroll Software clients all over Middle East in all major metros including Amman, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Jordan, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait. We understand how critical payroll processing is for the smooth functioning of your company so we offer you an efficient and easy way to pay your employees in the form of GTS One HRMS.

Payroll Management Solutions

GTS One’s comprehensive payroll management has seamless integration to Employee Attendance and Leave Tracking. Extensive and flexible payroll policies definitions including earning policies, allowances policies, benefits policies, bonuses policies, commissions policies, deduction policies, and with no limit on the number of policies that can be defined. Compensation and deduction policies can be defined and eligibility assigned by employee group whereby the policies are automatically inherited by employee depending on his/her employee group and eligibility.

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Timesheets are automatically generated for salaried employees who do not require timecards and absent hours are entered for those employees who were absent, thus eliminating the tedious entry of timesheets, for employees who require timesheets. These can be imported from the Attendance Terminal or spreadsheets, or entered using the employee self service. Payroll calendar is predefined; Payroll cycle is based on a 3-process cycle: Automatic Timesheet Generation, Trial Payroll, and Final Payroll. Simply stated, to run the payroll, you generate or load the timesheets, edit the exceptions for time (absent time and overtime) and exception earnings, allowances, benefits, commissions, bonuses, expenses, deductions, define the labour distribution for the period, then run the trial payroll, and generate the payroll register. After validation of the payroll register, and correction of any entry mistakes, the final payroll is run. The trial payroll can be executed as many times as desired without affecting the database, thus giving the user a simulated environment to ensure that all payroll transactions are accurate, before running the final payroll. The last step in the payroll is the Final Payroll process, which is invoked after verifying that the outcome of the trial payroll is correct. Subsequent to this the payroll register is produced, pay check printed, bank transfer file is produced, GL/JV transaction posting file is produced, and payroll database is updated.

Main Features

  • Default Earning, Allowances, Benefits, Commissions.
  • Deductions by Employee Group.
  • Automatic Inheritance of Earning, Allowances, Benefits, Commissions, Deductions.
  • Auto Timesheet (ATS) Generation from Attendance Timesheet.
  • Auto-Posting of Leave.
  • Predefined calculation method of earnings, allowances, benefits & deductions.
  • Multiple payroll Trial-Runs without affecting the database.
  • Final Payroll Run and Closing of Pay Period.
  • Bank Direct Deposit.
  • Automatic posting of leave earning to Payroll Timesheet.
  • Automatic Leave Accrual at the end of each pay period.
  • Payroll Ledger Posting to the GL.
  • Supports Multiple Bank Accounts.