Reseller Pricing

Create a Better Profit Margin with our Pricing!

Resellers and Channel Partners of GTS Ones benefit from special pricing, which gives you a greater profit margin than most reseller programs have to offer.

Your Choice of Programs:

GTS Ones Resellers have the choice to select from Silver, Gold and Platinum Partnership program based on the sales and discount structure. Partner can avail more discounts based on the Sales.

You Set The Service Price For Your Clients:

GTS One has suggested Product selling price for each country. The Business Partner has the right to set the service charges for professional service like installation, training & support. This way, you can reach your profit margin goals and allow your client to benefit from the programs.

Maximize Your Profit Margin:

GTS Ones products are designed in a modular manner which allows you to sell in modules and by feature which allow you to sell the product in the entire segment and thereby increase the revenue and maximize your profit margin. There are solutions that allow clients to pay by subscription monthly or yearly, allowing you to profit on a monthly basis.

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