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Retail POS Software

GTS One POS is point of sale software for retail store, easy to use retail POS billing and inventory management software that is available to you at a very low cost. Retail POS software Amman, Jordan has full control on your business even if you are physically not in shop. GTS One Restaurant POS software & Material Management system not only helps streamlining the billing process, but also enables evaluation and analysis of every branch by generating numerous reports.

Retail involves the process of selling consumer goods or services to customers through multiple channels of distribution to earn a profit. Demand is identified and then satisfied through a supply chain. Attempts are made to increase demand through advertising. In the 2000s, an increasing amount of retailing began occurring online using electronic payment and delivery via a courier or via postal mail. Retailing as a sector includes subordinated services, such as delivery. The term “retailer” is also applied where a service provider services the small orders of a large number of individuals, rather than large orders of a small number of wholesale, corporate or government clientele. Shops may be on residential streets, streets with few or no houses, or in a shopping mall. Shopping streets may restrict traffic to pedestrians only. Sometimes a shopping street has a partial or full roof to create a more comfortable shopping environment – protecting customers from various types of weather conditions such as extreme temperatures, winds or precipitation. Forms of non-shop retailing include online retailing (a type of electronic-commerce used for business-to-consumer (B2C) transactions) and mail order.

Shopping generally refers to the act of buying products. Sometimes this is done to obtain final goods, including necessities such as food and clothing; sometimes it takes place as a recreational activity. Recreational shopping often involves window shopping (just looking, not buying) and browsing: it does not always result in a purchase.

Retail POS Software for Supermarket and Hypermarket in Amman, Jordan

For retailers, who own a stand-alone retail store or a chain, GTS One is ready-to-use retail and POS software that provides point-of-sale billing, inventory control, financial accounting, payroll and customer loyalty program. Unlike other retail software, it’s simple to setup, use and manage, allowing you to train new employees in less time and open more stores.

The Retail POS Software Amman, Jordan comes loaded with useful features like Barcode Scanning & Manual Billing, Re-Order Management and Multi-Customer Handling on Single Computer. It eliminates the need to feed in manually purchased bills and files state-wise VAT & E-Returns for added ease. Notifications over SMS & E-Mail become easier and orders & bills interchange through server.

Retail POS Suite is a compelling suite of technologies adapted for India & the Emerging Markets. The solutions, which are integrated, are robust and meet the dynamic challenges of the available infrastructure in the markets. Retail chains and single stores, which have used these solutions, have attained critical capabilities that are needed to achieve market leadership, profitability and other aspects of day to day pharmacy retailing. The suite includes a wide range of solution which will suit any specific requirements.

  • Point of Sale. Fast Billing.
  • Full fledged support for UPC/EAN and store specific barcodes.
  • Support for all Service & Product billing.
  • IPD/OPD billing for hospital pharmacies.
  • Indents to warehouses. Goods Transfer between centers of the chain.
  • Local Purchases/ DSD Purchase support.
  • Store level accounting. Loyalty Program.
  • Earn and redeem points on the fly.
  • Earn Points based on Card Type and time of sale.
  • Customer Price Matrix for customer centric pricing.
  • Quick Search on Customers and their Purchase history.
  • Tracking of Customers at store and enterprise level.
  • Prescription Reminder systems.
  • TP inventions adhoc product or adhoc batch billing with strong regularization tools to enable fast billing even when product
  • TP goodies like Bounced Medicines info capture now industry standard.
  • TP Product info Window lovingly called EYE.
  • TP Search Stock at other Stores in EYE.
  • Robust Shift handling systems.
  • Support for multiple Cash Drops. Shift settlements.
  • Quick Shift / till transfer in tandem with Cash drops and shift settlements.
  • Support for POS peripherals. POLE Display. Transaction Printers.
  • Magnetic swipe cards. Barcode scanners. Cash drawers.

POS Software driven by team of technology professionals passionate to develop & design software to be simple & accurate so business owner can work with confidence & be in control. Because we believe most software is too complex: too many features, to many buttons, too much confusion. So we build software that’s the opposite of that – hassle free software.